Nippy Blair and his ART

About me


Hi. I'm Nippy Blair. I am a genetically engineered heterochromatic left-handed male who is in his right mind regardless of what people may think. That means that I am a left handed person with two different colored eyes. The correct mind you can choose for yourself. I am a painter, the beret-wearing kind, not the house variety. I am an artist.

My real name is James Richard, although it is my real name, it was not the one I was given at first. That will be a story one day.  I have decided that it is time to share my art as well as my thoughts and stories....stories about my family and growing up as well as stories that I create to go with my art pieces.

So, how did I get this nickname? I have been called "Nippy" since I cut my teeth and started biting the maid. One day she looked at my Mama and said, "Ms. Blair, he sho' is nippy." It stuck. I was only called this by the family until the third grade when my teacher, Mrs. Stubblefield, a family friend, began using this nickname in class. Friends began calling me this and eventually by high school, when I became a cheerleader, I decided I liked it and chose it as my own. I became known as "flippy Nippy" for my back flips. I was even baptized "Nippy" by our pastor because he couldn't remember Mama's instructions as to my real name.

My parents were unique in their own ways. My father was a state Senator for 20 years (picture the iconic Southern politician with a cigar hanging out of his mouth). My mother wrote children's books and magazine articles. I grew up as a free range child in a rich southern household with all the bells and whistles.

I prefer to work in watercolor and mixed media with acrylic. My watercolors are usually Louisiana flora, particularly native iris. My mixed media pieces are on half inch birch plywood. These mixed media pieces are of unique people and/or Louisiana scenes. My "people" creations have wire hair and bits of jewelry or buttons added and are always given a name and a story background.

My Background: I have a degree in art education from Louisiana College. I taught dance and art therapy at a mental hospital for 10 years, (yes, I was the therapist not the patient). I taught art to elementary and Junior High students (there were just more in the classroom in Jr. High than at the hospital). I worked as the building superintendent at my previous church for 20 years. I have acted and danced in musicals and plays, worked with youth at church, directed two-act dramas,  and did the choreography for several productions. I have danced in opera workshops and have been actively involved with my  former church, Emmanuel Baptist in Alexandria, LA, all of my life, until we moved to Katy, TX, to be near our son and his family.
I have a quirky sense of humor. My art is NOT meant to educate but to entertain. Hopefully it will make you laugh or at least put a smile on your face or make you shake your head, or heaven forbid, think.

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